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One of my favorite web sites to visit is the Palm Addicts web site . It is a useful site for notifying me of the latest Palm related software and hardware as well as providing interesting insights and thoughts from other Palm-addicts and gadget-junkies. The site also regularly runs contests for laptops, PDAs, Cellphones, […]

For almost three years I have tracked my WebStats for The Dragonfly Meadow web site  on the Cirrus Host server using Webalizer. This software was adequate with only the occasional hickup until this spring when it seemed to not work properly at all. It seemed to be reporting web traffic mounts about one-tenth […]

I-NetLink No Go


Thought I would not do my Blog for a while and see if anyone noticed – no one did – at least not enough to mention it too me. Not really a surprise only confirms what I thought anyways. The blog is more for me than anyone else – a bit of journal interspersed with […]

I finally received my recalled thermostat replacement from Honeywell. I was all excited until I pulled it out of it’s box – I sent them a recalled “two wire” thermostat and they sent me a “four-wire” TL8230A as a replacement – it is a nice thermostat but without a major rewiring of my baseboards I […]

In The Cold


It was recently down to -35 C and we really missed our thermostat.  I discovered back at the beginning of November that the Honeywell T4600 electric baseboard heater thermostat that we had been using for several years to run 3,000 watts of baseboards had been rerated to a maximum of 2,500 watts. They have been […]

Rocketfish Bite


I recently had the two 1GB SD cards I use with my Pentax DSLR camera “crash” on me. They were both “rocketfish pro” 1.0 GB 166x brand SDs (Future Shop’s house brand). When I bought the pair of them roughly a year ago these were less than half the price of an equivalent name brand SD […]

Recently I took some family photos. If you look closely you will see my Palm T3 in my hand. Most palms have Infra Red (IR) lights built in for wireless communication and the IR can also be used as a TV/VCR/etc remote and in the case of my Pentax *ist DL digital SLR it can […]