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I recently purchased a “no-name“ infrared filter for my Pentax *istDL digital SLR camera. It is an OEC IR 720 52mm . I have tested it out and it seems to work OK although I do have to play with it for a bit to optimize picture quality. I took a picture of a young sugar […]

The last time I was in Moncton, New Brunswick,  it was as a layover on my way back from PEI Agri-Insurance Research Conference. I spent the night in a “smoking room” because that was all that was left and as I registered I thought how bad could it be? Turns out it was awful and […]

My latest photographic purchase is an “Asahi Pentax right-angle viewfinder attachment” with leather case. It can be fitted onto the viewfinder and allows you to view the scene from the top of the camera instead of the side. This will be particularly useful for plant and insect photography where the camera is placed close to […]

I recently attended an ISO 14064 part 3 training course. It was a three day course that was very intense, referencing materials in a 4-inch binder, doing group case studies, and  a quiz and a final exam, It was a course in greenhouse gas (GHG) verification. If you pass you are officially certified/qualified to audit […]

It is Christmas season and we have basically been staying close to home and taking it easy.  We did visit with my parents and my brother’s family on Boxing Day. Wanda had to put some Christmas shifts in at the Crafters Hand and Patrick has been putting in extra hours working at the Library. The […]

Rocketfish Bite


I recently had the two 1GB SD cards I use with my Pentax DSLR camera “crash” on me. They were both “rocketfish pro” 1.0 GB 166x brand SDs (Future Shop’s house brand). When I bought the pair of them roughly a year ago these were less than half the price of an equivalent name brand SD […]

Recently I took some family photos. If you look closely you will see my Palm T3 in my hand. Most palms have Infra Red (IR) lights built in for wireless communication and the IR can also be used as a TV/VCR/etc remote and in the case of my Pentax *ist DL digital SLR it can […]