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The last time I was in Moncton, New Brunswick,  it was as a layover on my way back from PEI Agri-Insurance Research Conference. I spent the night in a “smoking room” because that was all that was left and as I registered I thought how bad could it be? Turns out it was awful and […]

One of my favorite web sites to visit is the Palm Addicts web site . It is a useful site for notifying me of the latest Palm related software and hardware as well as providing interesting insights and thoughts from other Palm-addicts and gadget-junkies. The site also regularly runs contests for laptops, PDAs, Cellphones, […]

Serious Sirius


I remember filing income taxes through the mail. I always dreaded it. I often left it to the deadline, often had minor mistakes, and didn’t get refunds until at least a month or more later. This year I did my income tax using Quicken  in Mid-February and efiled it – my refund was in the […]

I recently attended an ISO 14064 part 3 training course. It was a three day course that was very intense, referencing materials in a 4-inch binder, doing group case studies, and  a quiz and a final exam, It was a course in greenhouse gas (GHG) verification. If you pass you are officially certified/qualified to audit […]

Drifts …


It has been a while since I’ve blogged. Between the cold weather, lots of writing at work, and the post Christmas financial blues I haven’t felt much like updating my blog. To top it off the hard drive on our HP desktop crashed so I have been setting up Wanda’s laptop with the necessary software […]

Halloween was rather slow at our place – it usually is – but it was exceptionally so this year. We had no one come to our place this year – usually we get two or three car loads. People in town said their numbers were down as well. It is likely in part because our […]

I recently read an article that asked “Are Humans Smarter Than Yeast?” It refers to an analogy popularized by Richard Heinberg that compares our human population’s use of our earth’s limited resources to the population growth of yeast eating sugar. When yeast eats up all the sugar it dies of its own toxic waste and […]