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I recently purchased a “no-name“ infrared filter for my Pentax *istDL digital SLR camera. It is an OEC IR 720 52mm . I have tested it out and it seems to work OK although I do have to play with it for a bit to optimize picture quality. I took a picture of a young sugar […]

We had a mild frost on May 27th and fortunately we had no sensitive plants out in our “Meadow”. I hope the frost is over because I would like to get the flowers, tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins transplanted without worrying about covering them up. I’ve already planted 27 bare root Sea Buckthorn trees in our […]

I-NetLink No Go


Thought I would not do my Blog for a while and see if anyone noticed – no one did – at least not enough to mention it too me. Not really a surprise only confirms what I thought anyways. The blog is more for me than anyone else – a bit of journal interspersed with […]

Half-Way Tree


There is a book I plan on getting through interlibrary loan: “Against The Grain: How Agriculture Has Hijacked civilization” by Richard Manning. The book points out that with the advent of agriculture, civilization created a concentration of power that was unthinkable in nomadic societies. This agricultural concentration resulted in the social ills – slavery, poverty […]

It always strikes me how many additional school fees we pay. The fees are generally for extra items or extra-curricular activities. For example this month DS1 had School Photos ($30) Drivers Ed ($50) and Electronics Class Fees ($10) whereas DS2 had Industrial Arts Fees ($20), Swimming Fees ($20) and Cross-Country Fees ($5). That is over […]

The pocket gophers are back. For the last two years our yard has been relatively pocket gopher free. The extra wet year a few years ago raised the water table and drowned them out and we have been pocket gopher free since – until this month. I have started to trap any that are getting […]

Big Hail Storm


We missed the Elie and Delta Storms but had our own at about 6:30 today. Our Garden and flower beds were tore to shreds from a hailstorm. It hailed with hail up to the size of a quarter for nearly half an hour. This hail was mixed with nearly an inch of rain and strong […]