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When Wanda was involved in the Crafters Hand store this past winter she was often criticized for charging too much for her saskatoon jams.  She was charging $5 per jar that her “competitors” in the same store were charging $3 for.  Wanda’s jams had a higher concentration of fruit, but other than that there was […]

We had a mild frost on May 27th and fortunately we had no sensitive plants out in our “Meadow”. I hope the frost is over because I would like to get the flowers, tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins transplanted without worrying about covering them up. I’ve already planted 27 bare root Sea Buckthorn trees in our […]

Spring Starting


Spring must be on its way. The Canada Geese have started returning – they have been here around a week already. Shortly after spotting the first geese we saw a flock of about 20 wild turkeys running down the gravel road in front of our house. I also purchased a new Honda push mower – […]

I recently attended an ISO 14064 part 3 training course. It was a three day course that was very intense, referencing materials in a 4-inch binder, doing group case studies, and  a quiz and a final exam, It was a course in greenhouse gas (GHG) verification. If you pass you are officially certified/qualified to audit […]

It is Christmas season and we have basically been staying close to home and taking it easy.  We did visit with my parents and my brother’s family on Boxing Day. Wanda had to put some Christmas shifts in at the Crafters Hand and Patrick has been putting in extra hours working at the Library. The […]

In The Cold


It was recently down to -35 C and we really missed our thermostat.  I discovered back at the beginning of November that the Honeywell T4600 electric baseboard heater thermostat that we had been using for several years to run 3,000 watts of baseboards had been rerated to a maximum of 2,500 watts. They have been […]

Halloween was rather slow at our place – it usually is – but it was exceptionally so this year. We had no one come to our place this year – usually we get two or three car loads. People in town said their numbers were down as well. It is likely in part because our […]