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When Wanda was involved in the Crafters Hand store this past winter she was often criticized for charging too much for her saskatoon jams.  She was charging $5 per jar that her “competitors” in the same store were charging $3 for.  Wanda’s jams had a higher concentration of fruit, but other than that there was […]

Recently I took some family photos. If you look closely you will see my Palm T3 in my hand. Most palms have Infra Red (IR) lights built in for wireless communication and the IR can also be used as a TV/VCR/etc remote and in the case of my Pentax *ist DL digital SLR it can […]

The Winnipeg Free Press recently published a supplement listing Manitoba’s top 15 businesses to work for. They reviewed employers in eight key areas. (1) Physical Workplace, (2) Work Atmosphere and Social, (3) Health Financial and Family Benefits, (4) Vacation and Time off (5) Employee Communications, (6) Performance Management, (7) Training and Skills Development, and (8) […]