Spring Talk Leads To Spring Walk…


We had a mild frost on May 27th and fortunately we had no sensitive plants out in our “Meadow”. I hope the frost is over because I would like to get the flowers, tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins transplanted without worrying about covering them up. I’ve already planted 27 bare root Sea Buckthorn trees in our yard as a bit of a shelterbelt where our pincherry orchard died. It is feeling like spring – I’ve mowed the grass twice already, the saskatoon bushes and plum trees are in full-bloom, hummingbirds and orioles are slurping up their feeder syrup, and the barn swallows are back and diving near us.


Saskatoon Bush in Flower



The last three weeks I have been involved in the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba “Workplace Physical Activity Challenge”. My total steps (including conversions) over the 15 work days were  126,000. When we get the group total I’ll be able to see if my total was above or below average.


The weather has been good enough lately that I’m often able to cycle to work. The one way trip to the office is roughly 9 km and takes roughly ½ hour – partly because half the route is on gravel road (thats 18 km/day kiddies).  Gravel is a pain to cycle on but the worse part is all the gravel dust and flying rocks when people pass you in their automobiles.


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