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We had a mild frost on May 27th and fortunately we had no sensitive plants out in our “Meadow”. I hope the frost is over because I would like to get the flowers, tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins transplanted without worrying about covering them up. I’ve already planted 27 bare root Sea Buckthorn trees in our […]

One of my favorite web sites to visit is the Palm Addicts web site . It is a useful site for notifying me of the latest Palm related software and hardware as well as providing interesting insights and thoughts from other Palm-addicts and gadget-junkies. The site also regularly runs contests for laptops, PDAs, Cellphones, […]

My latest photographic purchase is an “Asahi Pentax right-angle viewfinder attachment” with leather case. It can be fitted onto the viewfinder and allows you to view the scene from the top of the camera instead of the side. This will be particularly useful for plant and insect photography where the camera is placed close to […]

For almost three years I have tracked my WebStats for The Dragonfly Meadow web site  on the Cirrus Host server using Webalizer. This software was adequate with only the occasional hickup until this spring when it seemed to not work properly at all. It seemed to be reporting web traffic mounts about one-tenth […]