I-NetLink No Go


Thought I would not do my Blog for a while and see if anyone noticed – no one did – at least not enough to mention it too me. Not really a surprise only confirms what I thought anyways. The blog is more for me than anyone else – a bit of journal interspersed with the occasional rant or tip.


We woke to a big snowfall on April 24 which isn’t unusual except that it was such a shock because at midnight there wasn’t any snow on the ground and the whether wasn’t too bad. So much for Spring! The kids got a snow day out of it. The following picture of our front yard illustrates what we woke up to.


Snowfall April 24



We were told that the Southport I-NetLink Wireless   http://www.inetlink.ca/  tower was finally live and that they were coming out to test our line of site to see if we can qualify for their high speed internet. Turns out the Southport tower isn’t actually in Southport but is south of us near the old ESPO Seed Potato farm – it would be better called the Gainsborough Tower. In any case it turns out we have too many tall trees in the way and we can’t get I-NetLink Wireless  high speed service after all. We would have to double the height of our current tower to 50 or 60 feet to even have a chance at a good line of sight. I suspect a lot of our neighbors are also going to be disappointed as well. Even before they came out I was disappointed with the potential setup and subscription cost of the I-NetLink Wireless  plan in the RM of Portage. I was hoping that since the RM of Portage contributed financing to this tower that I-NetLink Wireless  would have had some sort of discount for residents – but they didn’t.  The way it turned out it really doesn’t matter to me anyways. I guess we’ll have to investigate the less cost effective option of satellite high speed internet   http://www.xplornet.com/packages.php?type=res.  – when and if our budget ever allows it again. We’ve determined that Patrick’s school trip to China  http://chinatrip2009.googlepages.com/home is a year earlier then we originally thought (Grade 11, next spring – instead of Grade 12) and Stewart needs a new piano so our budget  has to be a lot tighter for the next while.


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