Serious Sirius


I remember filing income taxes through the mail. I always dreaded it. I often left it to the deadline, often had minor mistakes, and didn’t get refunds until at least a month or more later. This year I did my income tax using Quicken  in Mid-February and efiled it – my refund was in the bank 8 days later – can’t complain about that. It is one of the best examples I can find of technology reducing paperwork and making peoples lives easier.

As part of Air Cadets, Stewart went to the U.S. for an overnight trip. They took a tour of the University of North Dakota Avionics Department, and did some shopping, etc. He had a good time although the Bus trip there and back was long. 

Patrick has been selected to go to the University of Winnipeg to take part in the University of Winnipeg’s enrichment program in April – “The program is designed to create an opportunity for exceptionally capable young people to be immersed briefly in the University’s curriculum”. He’ll spend a week with other high school kids taking special University Courses at the University. His tuition” is paid by the high school but the students have to take care of their own accommodation and/or transport. We’ll see if any relatives are willing to host him for the week – if too inconvenient we’ll check into a host family or car pooling.

Like every year at this time it is a busy time for celebrating birthdays – my Parents, Wanda’s and Patrick’s. Patrick received a portable satellite radio for his birthday and is very pleased with it. The only deficiency is that it isn’t as portable as he would like -you need to use special “goofy looking” headphones with a built in antenna to listen unless you use the docking station. A picture of Patrick holding up the package for his new present is attached.

Patrick’s New Sirius Radio



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