Drifts …


It has been a while since I’ve blogged. Between the cold weather, lots of writing at work, and the post Christmas financial blues I haven’t felt much like updating my blog. To top it off the hard drive on our HP desktop crashed so I have been setting up Wanda’s laptop with the necessary software to be the central computer for our family. It is a pain reinstalling and setting up software every time you get a new PC. I’ve also had to get a new version of Quicken (2008) because our old version (2002) would no longer download bank info. I have been using Quicken mainly for budget tracking and hope to start using it again for budget controlling – I started 10 years ago but didn’t keep at it. Hopefully the newer software is even easier to use. The weather has been quite variable lately with temperatures from a mild -4 C to -35 C (and wind chills of -50). Some days have been so cold that busses haven’t run and schools have been closed. To top it off almost every else at work has gone to tropical locations for a couple of weeks  during the winter and the chance of me and Wanda taking in something like that is still far off. 

Prior to Christmas I was commenting to everyone at work how as a kid I remember winters as cold and sunny, not cloudy and mild like it has been. The big guy was listening because it has been mainly cold and sunny for most of the past month. To me the sun is nice and I would rather have it cold and sunny than warm and cloudy. As an adult I don’t spend much time outside but as a kid, cold or not, I spent a fair bit of time outside. I have many fond winter memories. When we weren’t at a friend’s house playing cards or board games on the floor next to the heater we were out of tobogganing, skating, snowmobiling, tracking animals, and digging many snow forts. I recall after dark digs of multi-room snow forts by candle light. Usually they were carved out of natural drifts along side of our mobile homes and along shelterbelts such as in the following photo:

Snow Drifts


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