Honeywell Replacement – Not!


I finally received my recalled thermostat replacement from Honeywell. I was all excited until I pulled it out of it’s box – I sent them a recalled “two wire” thermostat and they sent me a “four-wire” TL8230A as a replacement – it is a nice thermostat but without a major rewiring of my baseboards I can’t use it (my understanding is that you can wire a two wire thermostat on a four wire box but not the reverse). You think an engineering company would be smarter than that and would send an appropriate replacement. Instead of playing phone tag and waiting another month or more for another replacement (if it is even an option) I just went and bought a new two-wire thermostat from Rona. Manitoba hydro is offering a $20 rebate so it means that the new Aube TH104Plus two wire thermostat only cost $21. I bought a Canadian made Aube as a bit of a protest even though I know Honeywell actually now owns Aube. These new thermostats are interesting in that they use a TRIAC system where instead of a 15 minute baseboard full on then full off heating cycle they simulate a steady on system using a 15 second cycle so they don’t get as hot and they appear to have a steady even heat. They are safer and make they house feel more comfortable. Anyone want an unused Honeywell programable four wire thermostat?


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