In The Cold


It was recently down to -35 C and we really missed our thermostat. 

I discovered back at the beginning of November that the Honeywell T4600 electric baseboard heater thermostat that we had been using for several years to run 3,000 watts of baseboards had been rerated to a maximum of 2,500 watts. They have been recalled from use on baseboards greater than 2,500 watts. These thermostats have overheated and caught on fire in some instances where they have been used on 3,000 watts or more. After getting the phone number of a 1-800 recall line through the internet and going through the a phone tag exercise to confirm that I met the recall criteria I removed and mailed off our thermostat to a recall address in Minnesota and we have been waiting for our free replacement thermostat for over a month – Canada Post tracking indicates it entered the U.S on November 14 but we haven’t received anything yet. I have now started the phone tag process again to determine where the replacement is at – I hope it is on its way because I suspect we will have a few more -35 C days before this winter is over. Fortunately only about half our heating comes from the baseboards controlled by this thermostat and we have been able to get by so far by supplementing our heat with the electric stove in the kitchen on real cold days.

Yesterday I drove Stewart and a few other cadets to Valleyview Bible Camp (A.K.A. Roger’s Hill) for the Air Cadet Christmas Party which was mainly a day of tubing. They also had a “dual swap” Christmas gift exchange that was entertaining. A good time was had by all and there were no injuries of any sort. The only down side of the day is that the tow rope broke twice during our use period which meant that there was more “down time” than we would have liked. I took lots of pictures and the following is a aesthetically interesting picture of the tubes everyone rode:

Extra Snow-Tubes For Sliding


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