Rocketfish Bite


I recently had the two 1GB SD cards I use with my Pentax DSLR camera “crash” on me. They were both “rocketfish pro” 1.0 GB 166x brand SDs (Future Shop’s house brand). When I bought the pair of them roughly a year ago these were less than half the price of an equivalent name brand SD card – so I picked them up. Just recently the first card had the lock slider fall out and get lost in the carpet and then the upper and lower halves began to separate. When you lose the lock slider the SD card thinks it is locked and can’t be used any more. I thought that wasn’t too bad I just had a defective one and started to use the other “brother” card but it “burned out” half way through downloading some photos the day later. Not only did I lose half my photos and I can’t seem to read or format the card anymore. So I had two matching rocketfish SD cards, roughly a year old, go down within two days of each other. This surprised me because I’ve had other name brand SD cards that I have recovered after going through a snowblower and overwintering in the snow on the ground still be useable over 4 years later. I guess not all SD cards are good SD cards – I’ll be sticking to name brands from now on.


Fortunately the photos I lost were not that important. I was “playing” with my new $10 of eBay lens accessory – a used “Deluxe Super Wide” 0.42X AF by SAKAR IR Optics. It is an inexpensive way for me to get a decent fish eye effect with my Pentax *ist DL without spending $500 or more on a proper lens. So far I am pleased with the lens. My only issue is that you really have to get “in the face” of the object or person you are taking a picture of. That isn’t too bad with a person but a bull might be more of a challenge. The quality could also be better but for $10 I have nothing to complain about. The following is an unflattering self portrait taken with the lens about 3” from my face.


Wide Angle Close Up of Doug


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