Halloween Update


Halloween was rather slow at our place – it usually is – but it was exceptionally so this year. We had no one come to our place this year – usually we get two or three car loads. People in town said their numbers were down as well. It is likely in part because our kids are growing up and so are the kids of most of our neighbours. Some at work think that the daylight savings time delay, making it lighter later, may have also reduced the kids interest in going out. Anyways our Jack-O-Lanterns are now on the compost heap where they will likely get more attention than they did Halloween night.

Jack-O-Lanterns On Compost  

I’ m a little disappointed in myself this year. One of my goals was to start doing more reading for leisure. So far all I’ve been able to do is get a backlog of books “to-be-read” that are collecting dust. I guess I’ll just have to try harder. I tend only to buy books at second hand stores but occasionally I go full price. Some books I’m planning to read are in the following picture:

 Books To Read The Monday before Halloween we had a double shock. Patrick’s driving instructor took them to Winnipeg. That was the first shock because Patrick forgot to mention that that was their plan until the last minute and Wanda was quite nervous over the whole idea. Everything went well and he got to drive in the “big-city” and pass and be passed by semis and other vehicles on the highway – which is great experience. The second shock was after picking him up after his lesson at around 9:30 at night – we passed an accident scene near the Portage spillway. A young women lost control of her van and rolled it.  She was able to walk out of the vehicle with assistance but was badly banged up. By the time we got there 3 vehicles had stopped to give assistance and the ambulance was on its way. It was certainly a driving lesson night.


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