“Handy” Things


Recently I took some family photos. If you look closely you will see my Palm T3 in my hand. Most palms have Infra Red (IR) lights built in for wireless communication and the IR can also be used as a TV/VCR/etc remote and in the case of my Pentax *ist DL digital SLR it can be used as a shutter release remote.  Helpful Pentax camera users have developed IR remote software applications for the Palm OS that turns Palm PDAs into IR remotes that can be used to trigger F-Series Pentax digital SLRs. I regularly use the Pentax IR Remote developed by Lawrence Kwan as a add-in for my NoviiRemote software (ver 2.3 is what I have – it may not work on more recent versions). There is also stand alone software Pentax RemoteControl that was developed on a Tungsten C (it doesn’t appear to work on my T3).  Now all our family shots include me with the Palm T3 discreetly in my hand – an example follows – note my Palm in my right hand:  

Dragonfly Meadow Family Pic By Remote

Wanda has also teamed up with a neighbor to initiate a new business in the Portage La Prairie Mall for the pre-Christmas period. It is called “The Crafter’s Hand”. It sells table space to local crafters. Currently it is being run on a not-for-profit basis (all profits go to crafters) but it should give them the numbers to assess whether a business along similar lines would be viable in the long-term. A picture of their mall storefront follows:

The Crafter’s Hand Store


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