Where Go My Taxes?


I recently read an article in the October 2007 National Geographic on Global Warming. The article highlighted a point that struck a chord with me. The article said we should get smart and tax what we don’t like (e.g. global warming) instead of things we do like (e.g. employment). That would be smart! I had been cleaning out my filing cabinets including some old income tax reports and was reminded of how much I pay in taxes. Roughly 25% of my paycheck goes to pay federal and provincial taxes. As a federal provincial crown corporation government employee whose salary is paid by taxes I really can’t complain – it is like I’m paying myself. I also read recently that 1 out of 10 Canadians is a government employee, affiliated with one of the three levels of government in some way. A while back I came across I came across a graphic that showed where US tax dollars go ( http://www.thebudgetgraph.com/ ) in useful groupings that were visually informative. It was very enlightening to see (but not surprising) how much of the US taxes go to the military. I wish I could find a comparable graphic for where Canadian taxes go the best I can find is the following link – http://www.fin.gc.ca/taxdollar06/text/html/taxdollar06_e.html . Maybe one day if I feel ambitious I will research the required info and personally make a comparable graphic to the US one for Canadian Tax usage. 


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