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Recently I took some family photos. If you look closely you will see my Palm T3 in my hand. Most palms have Infra Red (IR) lights built in for wireless communication and the IR can also be used as a TV/VCR/etc remote and in the case of my Pentax *ist DL digital SLR it can […]

Dragonfly Meadow is within a couple of miles of MTS high speed capable lines. Unfortunately, our area is low on the list for future MTS high speed internet capability expansion. So I was pleased to see that they have started physical construction of high-speed wireless internet towers throughout our RM, with the first tower under […]

The Winnipeg Free Press recently published a supplement listing Manitoba’s top 15 businesses to work for. They reviewed employers in eight key areas. (1) Physical Workplace, (2) Work Atmosphere and Social, (3) Health Financial and Family Benefits, (4) Vacation and Time off (5) Employee Communications, (6) Performance Management, (7) Training and Skills Development, and (8) […]

I recently read an article in the October 2007 National Geographic on Global Warming. The article highlighted a point that struck a chord with me. The article said we should get smart and tax what we don’t like (e.g. global warming) instead of things we do like (e.g. employment). That would be smart! I had […]

Garden Time


We’ve managed to avoid fall frost so-far. Most things are still alive and growing even though the nights are getting quite cool. Last Monday Stewart had a cross country run out at Oakville and came back with a critter we wish would have been killed by the frost. He had a Deer Tick on him. […]