Extra School Fees – Always A Pain


It always strikes me how many additional school fees we pay. The fees are generally for extra items or extra-curricular activities. For example this month DS1 had School Photos ($30) Drivers Ed ($50) and Electronics Class Fees ($10) whereas DS2 had Industrial Arts Fees ($20), Swimming Fees ($20) and Cross-Country Fees ($5). That is over $130 of unplanned expense this month and there will be more in the coming months. Although manageable for us I’m sure it is tougher on some others. I wonder how many poorer families have to sacrifice essentials in order to get these extras for their kids. 

This past week I attended a teamwork retreat for two days at Mooswa Resort next to Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park. Between sessions we were able to take a hike near Whirlpool Lake. Fall was more advanced in the “Mountain” than in the Portage area so the fall colors were well in progress and the hike was quite beautiful. The only disappointment was that we didn’t see much wildlife other than some grey fox that was on the road and “friendly” – so it was likely rabid. I took lots of photographs and an example of the trail scenery is as follows:

Fall Trail In Riding Mountain Park


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