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One of the main reasons for having the dragonflymeadow.ca web site was to provide a distribution point for my two theses. This has worked out well. My M.Sc. thesis is being downloaded in its entirety an average of four copies a month and it is the same for my Ph.D thesis. Additionally, for both theses, the literature review sections and reference list sections are also being downloaded separately an average of six copies a month – likely by paper writing students. I’m also finding that a considerable number of my other articles and PowerPoint’s are also being downloaded. I will feel the development of a web presence has been really worthwhile once citations start that I can attribute to my web presence – I haven’t seen any yet. During my student years I tore apart my share of published papers as part of my coursework and my secret fear is that my publications are being used in courses as examples of how not to do things, or as examples of misinterpretation. I guess in this case if you build it they do come but they might not acknowledge they have been there or they may not like what they see.


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