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I recently read an article that asked “Are Humans Smarter Than Yeast?” It refers to an analogy popularized by Richard Heinberg that compares our human population’s use of our earth’s limited resources to the population growth of yeast eating sugar. When yeast eats up all the sugar it dies of its own toxic waste and […]

It always strikes me how many additional school fees we pay. The fees are generally for extra items or extra-curricular activities. For example this month DS1 had School Photos ($30) Drivers Ed ($50) and Electronics Class Fees ($10) whereas DS2 had Industrial Arts Fees ($20), Swimming Fees ($20) and Cross-Country Fees ($5). That is over […]

It is that time of year again – dad and mom chauffeur time. Patrick is working on his swimmers bronze cross and drivers ed in addition to working part-time at Chicken Chef and the library. Stewart has piano, air cadets, cross country and swimming lessons. With one vehicle to shuffle everyone around things can get […]

One of the main reasons for having the web site was to provide a distribution point for my two theses. This has worked out well. My M.Sc. thesis is being downloaded in its entirety an average of four copies a month and it is the same for my Ph.D thesis. Additionally, for both theses, […]

Both Wanda (Dragonflymom) and I (Dragonflydad) have moved our Blogs from the Dragonfly Meadow web site to Sure it was easy to do  blogs on Dragonfly Meadow but the blogging web sites just look soooo.. much better and are easy to use – so we gave in. Plus Wanda didn’t like the fact that […]