Portage Overpass


They are still working on the CN Rail overpass outside Portage. The overpass has been closed since October 2006 and will likely reopen by November 2007. It was closed shortly after the Laval bridge collapse and received a fair bit of publicity as a result. It was 38 years old and is a sign of the aging crumbling infrastructure that apparently is present throughout the country. Although the original repair cost was estimated to be $7 million the project has gone over budget and has been expanded slightly so the budget is now $19 million. Some of the additional expense is because they are lowering the highway southeast of this overpass. Lowering the highway will allow greater clearance under another overpass southeast of the CN rail overpass.The detour that has been put in place since the closure has been a bit of a mixed blessing –the increased traffic flow through town has been a bit of a boon to businesses but it has also been a nuisance to local driving. It has also resulted in a widening of angle road (the detour) and some additional width and turning lanes on the main street (Saskatchewan Avenue) – once the bypass opens again they will be useful remnants for us locals. A picture of the current construction site follows:  CN Rail Overpass Construction East Of Portage, August 11, 2007


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