Ricoh Teleconverter


I recently purchased a “Ricoh Macro Teleconverter P 2X” for my Pentax *ist DL off of eBay. You put it between the lens you want to use and the camera and it doubles the power – for example my 200 mm telephoto becomes a 400 mm. It is an older lens so you only have manual focus but that is fine with me. Unlike front dioptor lenses the teleconverter is size neutral which means it can be used with all sizes of Pentax mount lenses. I particularly like the way it increases the power of my 28 mm close-up lens – now if the insects will stay still long enough for me to get close enough to take their portraits. I read that use of some Ricoh lenses on Pentax dSLR cameras requires some physical adjustments prior to use (removing a pin) and thought I might need to do this with this teleconverter. Fortunately I didn’t need to with this lens. The following is a close-up picture of some raspberries hanging in our garden taken using the teleconverter with my old 50mm Pentax ME lens.

Raspberries At Dragonfly Meadow


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