Pocket Gophers Defeated


The pocket gophers are back. For the last two years our yard has been relatively pocket gopher free. The extra wet year a few years ago raised the water table and drowned them out and we have been pocket gopher free since – until this month. I have started to trap any that are getting close to our gardens as I know once they get into a garden they don’t keep moving through and can do a lot of damage. We’ve all seeing the cartoons where the gophers, or whatever, eat all the carrots underground leaving only the tops – we’ve had pocket gophers at Dragonfly Meadow do that. They are sometimes called moles but they are actually a “Northern Pocket Gopher” (Thomomys talpoides). I use a commercial pocket gopher trap to catch them and although you don’t need to bait them find I have better success when I add a carrot behind or on the trigger. The following is a close-up picture of the latest “trophy”.

Northern Pocket Gopher


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