Summer Begins


Last weekend the boys had their 4H achievement. Stewart presented his photography work and Patrick presented his Small Engines and Woodworking. Stewart will be presenting his material at the Portage fair and lots of people wanted to walk off with the Adirondack chair Patrick made. Now if we can only get the lawnmower engine he “fixed” to run longer than 1 minute. It is likely a carburetor adjustment problem, but I’m no expert. We need a good mosquito free evening to play with it and hopefully get it running. I took photographs and have some good shots of the achievement on my Picassa picture site.

The boys officially ended school June 28th although they have effectively been off the past two weeks – Patrick because of exemptions and Stewart because of study trips and wind-down activities. Stewart was “almost kissed by a girl” at the year-end school dance and Patrick has been connecting with friends in town. Both of their averages were in the 80’s so we are proud of that achievement.

We didn’t do much for Canada day – just took it easy around the house. This weekend on the 240 to Delta there was a severe storm – likely a tornado with severe rains and hail. It destroyed several yards and the white combine made many fields black. This storm was so localized it barely noticeable in Portage and at our place south of Portage it was largely sunny while the storm was occurring.


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