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Steep Rock


I took some time off and took the family camping this weekend. We went to Steep Rock Beach Park on the east side of Lake Manitoba. On our way there we passed through the village of Steep Rock which is near a large Canada Cement limestone mine and quarry. We took a well treed site […]

I recently purchased a “Ricoh Macro Teleconverter P 2X” for my Pentax *ist DL off of eBay. You put it between the lens you want to use and the camera and it doubles the power – for example my 200 mm telephoto becomes a 400 mm. It is an older lens so you only have […]

The pocket gophers are back. For the last two years our yard has been relatively pocket gopher free. The extra wet year a few years ago raised the water table and drowned them out and we have been pocket gopher free since – until this month. I have started to trap any that are getting […]

Big Hail Storm


We missed the Elie and Delta Storms but had our own at about 6:30 today. Our Garden and flower beds were tore to shreds from a hailstorm. It hailed with hail up to the size of a quarter for nearly half an hour. This hail was mixed with nearly an inch of rain and strong […]

Summer Begins


Last weekend the boys had their 4H achievement. Stewart presented his photography work and Patrick presented his Small Engines and Woodworking. Stewart will be presenting his material at the Portage fair and lots of people wanted to walk off with the Adirondack chair Patrick made. Now if we can only get the lawnmower engine he […]