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We spent the day at the Red River Ex with the boys. Stewart did some of the major rides and Patrick generally just watched from the sidelines. They both took a “Monster Truck” ride – so they could say they did. We treated ourselves to the traditional menu of mini-donuts and pizza by the slice […]

Family Hike


We did a family hike to a stream a 1/4 kilometer west of our place to collect some aquatic plants for my parent’s pond. The stream had changed substantially from the last time I was there between some really wet years and beaver damming in the interim it has a much wider stream flat in […]

The boys and I helped with a 4H canteen at a local farm auction this weekend. Actually the boys did the canteen and I just took pictures. I was able to take lots of pictures and try out my new lens. After showing my photos to the auction company they asked if I would like […]

Seven Wonders


I’ve been following the CBC 7 wonders of Canada. The winners were Niagara Falls, Prairie Skies, Pier 21, Rockies, Old Quebec, Igloo and Canoe. Except for the Igloo I’ve been in all the selections. If a quinzee would count the same as an igloo I would have made all 7 – oh well another “life […]