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Macro Zoom


I recently purchased a Japanese made Soligor “Macro Zoom Telephoto 75 – 205” off of eBay for my Pentax *ist DL digital SLR. It is brighter and slightly more powerful than my current lens plus has a macro feature so I thought I would a bid on it – and I won. Even though it […]

Soccer Time


Normally on the May long weekend I would be reporting on my gardening adventures but this weekend the weather has been miserable. All I’ve been able to do is some prep work and weeding. To make the weekend even worse I had a flat tire. In the process of changing it I learned that aluminum […]

Mower Time


Saw my first firefly on our acreage last night. Another sign that winter is over is that the acreage at Dragonfly Meadow needs to be mowed soon. However, Patrick has our mower apart to be repaired for his 4H small engines class. For all the new parts (piston, valves, gasket, etc) it is going to […]